Get a Smart Companionfor Your U.S. Expansion

What? When? How? How Much? With Whom?

Expanding to the USA yields rich rewards, let TradeSherpa be your guide.

Build your custom US business roadmap and connect with the right experts at the right time.

Why TradeSherpa?

We were tired of seeing foreign CEOs & their teams scratching their heads to connect the dots, while wasting time and money trying to expand to the USA.

Misled by their biased friends, assaulted by too many, often short-sighted experts, lost among nebulous networks, and frustrated by truncated information.

We created TradeSherpa for them.

We Are Definitely Not

You’ve seen them around...

A directory: They blossom everywhere, fed by experts’ money

A network of good friends: Duh, we hate cronyism

An aggregate of freelancers: Have a DIY approach? good luck!

A consulting firm: First, you need to find out if you need one

A workshop for start-ups: Sure, it would be trendy…

We Are TradeSherpa

a convenient, digital companion offering:

  • Interactive decision-making tools: Get an actionable business roadmap for your US project
  • A smart matching system: Rally the exact Sherpas you need at each step
  • Caring and experienced people: Feel free to explore, we are just one step away!

How do I LeverageTradeSherpa?Get your business roadmap for the USA

Need the “big picture” and a clear action plan? Use our interactive tools and get a business roadmap tailored to your company’s project in the USA: action items, milestones, timeline, & budget estimates.


Build a Sherpa team calibrated to your needs

Once you have your US roadmap in hand, we give you the list of the Sherpas you need to guide you at each step. You then just let us know when you wish to contact them, and we will make the introduction.


Find great tips for implementing

Log in any time to access your US Toolbox, which will help you connect the dots and save time on implementation. Educate yourself, control your team’s progress, and challenge local experts.


Thinking of expanding your business to the USA or improving current operations in the USA?

Build your US business roadmap today and set your company off to a good start. Let’s hit summits together!