Developing your business in the USA? Browse our clients’ profiles: whether you are just "thinking" about it, or you are already doing business here, TradeSherpa provides the calibrated guidance you need.

TradeSherpa has been built for small and medium-sized companies ($ 100K to $ 1B revenue/year)

Who are considering expanding to the USA

Who already have decided to make the move to the USA

Who already have a US entity that needs an overhaul

Fast-growing, venture-backed start-ups can also find the guidance and support they need here.

Our team and our Sherpas serve companies from various industries and nationalities, to cover today’s multifaceted business landscape and challenges.
TradeSherpa did a wonderful job at building a case for pitching major investors to accelerate our expansion into the USA. It provided us with a robust, customized business roadmap that covers all the financial and operational aspects of our project and that will act as a steering tool for the months to come. The team is proactive in making actionable, fake tag heuer link down-to-earth recommendations that save us time, and we know that we can count on the US experts they recommend to be imbued with a similar sense of excellence. Thank you for this timely and strongly effective support.

Audrey-Laure Bergenthal, CEO at Euveka

We wanted to hire a new lawyer to handle a sophisticated negotiation with one of our clients. We were well connected in the USA, but no one really seemed to fit. TradeSherpa helped us find a calibrated lawyer, who gladly dived into our business model and who took care of our project right away. Thanks for the introduction!

Francois Chaudoreille, CEO at Avenisense

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Companies who consider expanding to the USA

Understand & anticipate

You do not have any business in the USA yet, but you have identified opportunities or you do have some US leads or clients (export) suggesting market interest.

Get your answers:

  • Should I make the move to the USA? If so, when? What steps should I follow?
  • How should I do business in the USA? What are the best practices & trends in my industry?
  • How should I design my go-to-market strategy? How can I perform a relevant market test given my business model?
  • How should I plan and budget my expansion to the USA? What are the main milestones and decisions that will impact my business (legal, tax, HR, insurance, logistics, etc.)?
  • Whom should I speak with first?

Companies who have decided to make the move to the USA

Plan & structure

You have clients and vetted partners in the USA; you now want to create or acquire a US entity to better manage and grow your business locally.

Get your answers:

  • How much will it cost? How long will it take?
  • When should I make the move to the US, and what will be the process from A to Z?
  • To develop my sales in the US, should I work with distributors? Contract with a sales agent? Hire a US sales rep? Expatriate one of my current employees?
  • How should I run a US entity in terms of logistics, human resources, accounting, tax, insurance, and legal obligations?
  • What business functions should I internalize? What functions should I outsource?

Have a look at what we can do for you: TradeSherpa’s Expert Matching Capabilities and Consulting Services.

US-based entities looking to manage growth in the USA

Recalibrate & optimize

You need to restructure the US entity, adjust operations, or switch to new experts and partners to keep up with growth and implement new strategic directions.

Get your answers:

  • How can I find local experts with strong experience working with international SMBs and my specific business, to help me redefine my US strategy?
  • Would these experts assist my team in implementing decisions? Would they train my team?
  • How can I find reliable and affordable experts for sophisticated operational challenges, such as the launch of a new business line, a post-merger integration, or a certification audit?
  • How should I reorganize and/or optimize my back office? Should I internalize or outsource?
  • How can I optimize my business tax situation, given my specifics at the group level as well as the complex international and US tax regulations?

Have a look at what we can do for you: TradeSherpa’s Expert Matching Capabilities and Consulting Services.