Can I contact you directly if I need help?

Can I contact you directly if I need help?

Yes, you can contact TradeSherpa directly. We are all human beings, located in the USA, and striving to help you succeed!

You will have 2 options to contact the team:

  • 1st option = Talk to us during the call that is included in your plan (for Expansion and Sherpa Premium plans). It will be a great opportunity to review your US business roadmap together, answer your questions, and get you off to a good start for implementing your US project. Simply log into your account once you have completed your brief and have access to your US business roadmap, then click on the ‘Schedule a Call’ button from your dashboard, and let us know when you wish to talk.
  • 2nd option = Contact us through the ‘Feedback & Contact’ tab of your account, which will allow you to share your request. We’ll then get back to you, ready to discuss your challenges!

Talk to you soon!