I want to purchase a package. How do I pay?

I want to purchase a package. How do I pay?

Once we clearly identify your needs and agree on a package for your company, you will have 2 options to pay TradeSherpa:

Option 1:

You can purchase the package through your TradeSherpa account using a credit card. Simply log into your account and click on the “Select Package” link located at the top right of your screen. We will get notified once the payment is processed and we will then contact you to schedule our kick-off call.

Note: All online payments are processed by Authorize.net, a secure US-based payment getaway service provider founded in 1996 and now a subsidiary of Visa Inc.. PCI-compliant, Authorize.net meets the data security standards developed by the major card brands in the world.

Option 2:

We can send you an invoice through email, and you will be able to pay either using a credit card or using other payment methods.

Note: We can issue invoices using Authorize.net, our payment getaway. We can also issue invoices using our partners Veem or Transfermate, which are reliable international payment solutions that help minimize bank fees for cross-border transactions.

Please note that we won’t start the work until we receive the payment, which may mean delays depending on the payment method you use (e.g. traditional wire transfer).