How does the matching process work?

How does the matching process work?

As soon as you complete your brief and access your US business roadmap, you get immediate access (or a preview, if you have a free account) to the Sherpas we recommend for you at each step, saving time on partner search and avoiding poor hires (how convenient is that, huh?).

You can bet that this access does not come out of the blue. We have worked for years to match international companies with US-expert Sherpas, carefully identifying the criteria that have allowed us to devise great matches down the road. Today, all the hard work that we have done manually has been converted into an automatized tool: that’s how powerful our platform is.

– And don’t worry, we will always keep an eye on the Sherpas listed on your Sherpa Team before you attempt to contact them, as we do not believe that robots can replace smart human beings  –

So, what about these criteria?

You will get a sense of them when taking the brief, and we believe that you will understand why we ask you to go through a questionnaire. However, we cannot disclose our secret recipe; it’s our knowledge and experience that has helped us build the algorithm and pave the way for future improvements, and we intend to keep leading the way!