Why use TradeSherpa?

Why use TradeSherpa?

Companies expanding to the USA report two flaws in the traditional consulting approach: 1) CEOs and their teams spend a lot of time, energy, and money trying to collect information and connect with the right advisors and experts, only to find themselves misled, misunderstood, and drained; and 2) a structured and consistent approach to the USA is often only available to companies that have a significant budget, while other companies have to take a tedious DIY approach.

Moreover, the expansion plan is often a moving target with various scenarios to consider, making it difficult to combine critical aspects: agility, structure, and vision.

We created TradeSherpa for them. Our goal is to equip companies that want to expand to the USA with powerful and flexible decision-making tools to both plan and conduct the US expansion project effectively, while keeping a strong human dimension by connecting them with vetted and dedicated Sherpas to guide them along their way.

Depending on our clients’ needs, TradeSherpa acts as a pathfinder, a financial planner, an advisor, a matchmaker, a project manager, or even an outsourced expansion department.