Get a customized US business roadmap that will help you make informed decisions, meet local experts that fit your project at each step, and leverage actionable tools and guides to manage implementation. Get the most of both our platform and our team!


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Activate your account and immediately get a customized, structured roadmap to expand your business to the USA: milestones, action items, timeline, and budget estimates.

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Access the short list of experts who are best positioned to guide you at each step of your expansion project. You can compare profiles, ask us questions, and then either save a team of experts for later or send them your brief right away.
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Educate yourself on US business best practices

Our US Toolbox (with how-to guides, checklists, and simulators) helps you connect the dots and save time on implementation. Browse by theme, save contents to your library, and discover new advice each month.
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Have questions as you grow? You can count on TradeSherpa.

You may have started with your own experts before knowing us. Sometimes… It does not work. Your recruiting agency does not deliver? You’ve been denied a letter of credit by your bank? You CPA is too expensive? We’ll find a solution!
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