Opening a Bank Account in the USA: Process

Opening a Bank Account in the USA: Process

When US banks receive an application to open a business bank account, they have to comply with a list of requirements provided by US regulations. Indeed, in order to keep their license, US banks must demonstrate impeccable processes for countering risks of money laundering and terrorism.

It has a direct impact on both selecting a bank and managing processes to open an account.

How to Open a Bank Account in the USA

Why does this affect foreign-based companies in particular?

  • In order to comply with the US regulator’s requirements, US banks have implemented a full range of very expensive controls and processes, the cost of which can be lowered through the use of historical business data (accessible through companies’ credit scores and US Tax ID numbers).

  • When a foreign-based parent company sets up a subsidiary in the USA, US banks do not have any historical data available, meaning that they need to conduct additional research.

  • Because this additional research might be too costly for banks given the expected returns on a small US structure, the major US banks have clearly decided not to ease the process. In other words, those banks will require the US subsidiary to demonstrate around 10, 15, or even 20 million dollars (USD) of  revenue generated in the USA.



Only a few US banks have decided to dedicate services to foreign SMBs that intend to expand to the USA. To do so, they have adapted their controls to ease the process for both parties. They will also help you obtain “letter of credits”.

Foreign SMBs considering US expansion should thus target these smaller banks rather than US giants. Small is beautiful (and powerful).

Opening a Bank Account in the USA_Small is Beautiful

1. Overall Process

Step 1: A list of documents and information related to both the foreign parent company and the US subsidiary will have to be provided to the bank (by email and original documents by mail).

Step 2: Once these documents have been validated by the bank, the application can be submitted.

Step 3: The bank will open a bank account for the US subsidiary as well as online access.

Step 4: The authorized signers and users will have to activate their PIN codes along with their tokens to gain access.

2. Minimum Requirements

 A US subsidiary will have to be created with the Formation Documents and the Tax ID Number (see more details in section 3 below).

The parent company will have to provide a List of Authorized Signers who do not necessarily need to be US citizens, nor have a US Social Security Number, nor live in the USA.

The ultimate owners will have to provide their Names, Addresses, and Passport Copies.

The companies that own more than 25% of the parent company will have to provide a Certificate of Registration from their home country.

A US Address different from the registered agents’ will have to be provided (e.g. business office, administrative or mailing address).

3. Application & Documents/Information to Compile

General Information:

  • List of authorized signers and users including their respective roles (full control or banking transactions only)

  • Forms and a questionnaire provided by the bank will have to be filled out and signed by the authorized signers

  • An organizational chart including the US subsidiary and the ultimate owners will have to be provided along with passport copies and/or a certificate of registration for companies owning more than 25% of the parent company

  • Passport copies from the authorized signers

For the Parent Company:

  • Certificate of registration from their home country

  • Letters of recommendation from the bank and the lawyer (template will be provided by the bank)

For the US Subsidiary:

4. Budget

A list of full services along with fees will be provided later by the bank.

On average, the bank service fees amount to $30/month during the first months of operations.

5. Timeline

Once the application is received and validated by the bank, the bank account along with online access is available within 10-15 business days.


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