Sherpa: "An experienced guide helping others in a mountain-climbing expedition." Get ready for your U.S. expansion journey. TradeSherpa connects you with the exact business Sherpas you need to hit your targeted summits.


Integrity at our core. All our Sherpas have been selected for their work ethics. Thought-driven (not sales-driven), they strive to earn their clients’ trust through honest answers and advice that always serve clients’ best interests.

Performance is key. Delivering solutions that are immediately effective, yet protecting companies from backtracking in the future are critical to US expansion projects. Our Sherpas commit to generate the best possible outcome, anticipating clients’ evolving needs.

Calibration at each step. Our Sherpas are not jacks-of-all-trades: they are all qualified, vetted experts. Yet, all companies do not have the same goals, priorities, and resources. That’s why we match you with the exact Sherpas you need, no more, no less.

Listen and care. We have selected our Sherpas for their ability to explore your project in depth, communicate clearly about next steps, fake rolex watches for sale and be proactive and flexible in their initiatives. We take pride in being caring people, driven by clients’ success.


TradeSherpa show you the way (what, when, and how..much), you then connect with Sherpas when you need them.

  1. Create your account, take the TradeSherpa questionnaire, and access your US Business Roadmap through your dashboard.
  2. Click on a module to see the list of recommended Sherpas for this module: typical clients, profile, and value-add. You can compare, and select.
  3. Send your brief to selected Sherpas whenever you are ready. We’ll make the introduction (don’t worry, your data is private until we put you in touch).


Once you have selected your preferred Sherpas, just click on the “Send Brief” button, and we will make the introduction. If you are ready to talk with the Sherpa(s), you then have full leeway to schedule a call. What happens next?

If this is a good fit

Go ahead with the Sherpa(s)! You will be interacting directly with them, and TradeSherpa will hold your back if you need support.

If it’s not a fit

We'd be sorry, but no worries! Just let us know about your thoughts and expectations, and we will find another Sherpa for you.


Depending on which option is best for everyone, billing will be operated either by the Sherpa(s) or by TradeSherpa on behalf of the Sherpa(s). Though some Sherpas offer online payment by credit card, the most common methods of payment for services is wire transfer (from your company’s bank, or from international payment platforms like Transfermate, Payoneer, or Transferwise).


TradeSherpa’s business model is simple and transparent. We drive our revenue from:


Packages are paid by companies using our team and our platform to plan and manage their US expansion and / or find relevant Sherpas for their US project.

All packages are listed and described on our Pricing page.

Online payments are guaranteed by Authorize.net.

Sherpas Services

We take 10% commissions on services rendered and billed by Sherpas. This is the same amount for everyone*. Since we take pride in matching you with the exact Sherpa you need, we will never artificially push any Sherpa to get higher revenue for ourselves.

*Exceptions: regulated professions (which require a specific TradeSherpa membership instead – eg. lawyers), and some companies who have set pre-defined partnering strategies (eg. payroll providers).


Anne-Lise Bighinatti

Founder and CEO
As a former marketing consultant for European and Asian SMBs expanding to the USA, Anne-Lise took on many hats to better serve her clients, addressing unexpected challenges in the legal, sales, PR, logistics, HR, and even tax fields. She realized how difficult it was for these companies to anticipate these challenges without breaking the bank, wasting time, or risking being misadvised. Determined to bridge the market gap, she gathered both experts and overarching consultants, all experienced with cross-border projects, to create TradeSherpa. Anne-Lise has been living and working in New York since 2009.

Cyril Azam

Cyril has been working in the USA since 2008, holding successive positions in the corporate management, financial audit, and consulting fields. After assisting 200+ European companies in developing their business in the USA, he came to realize that many of them do not live up to their full potential despite an attractive market and a seemingly effective business model. Convinced that cross-border teams often simply need accurate answers, relevant decision-making tools, and calibrated Sherpas at their side, he joined the TradeSherpa team as a business advisor to better serve international SMBs’ potential.

Younes Lattenist

Younes holds an extensive background in business strategy and international commerce, both in EU and the USA. Previous endeavors include co-founding marketing company in Boston and working as a strategic consultant for large-cap companies at McKinsey & Company. Today, Younes applies his rigorous business acumen to new, promising business ventures: he is the founder and CEO of two startups, Mintful and Dashmap, which provide new tools and methods for recruitment and performance management. Younes holds an MBA from Dartmouth College and is a former Air Force captain.

Ihor Feoktistov

IT Guru
Ihor is CTO and co-founder at Relevant Software, a fast-growing web and mobile development company servicing startups and SMBs across Europe and North America. Ihor holds a degree in software engineering from the prestigious Polytechnic National University in Lviv, Ukraine. He has proven both his technical skills and dedication to overcoming business challenges when joining the TradeSherpa team as an IT consultant. Well aware of international SMBs’ need for a convenient, smart solution to prepare and manage their US expansion, he definitely has interesting plans to perfect the software as we grow.


Expert in US expansion for international companies?

Have long-term experience with US entities?

Have the Sherpa spirit?

We welcome applications to become a Sherpa for TradeSherpa.
Please contact us if you think you are a good fit.