Get the exact guidance you need for the USA

An actionable roadmap & Sherpas at your side

Sherpa Matching

$ 150

Seeking specific expertise in the USA?

   Find the exact Sherpa you need
   to overcome current challenges.

Sample areas of expertise:
sales & marketing, HR, legal matters,
tax, accounting, M&A, administration


  • Kick-off Call: You tell us about your company, your US activity, and your objectives
  • Knowledge Transfer: We map key players and explain how they can help for your immediate and future needs
  • Matching Strategy: We select matching criteria, such as scope of work, budget, agility, and work habits
  • Options Review: We provide you with 2 to 4 options reflecting different approaches and scopes of work
  • Sherpa Briefing:  We tell Sherpas all they need to know before your call to save you time
  • Introductions: We put you in touch with selected Sherpas, you then schedule a call when you are ready
  • Coaching: We can help you prepare an interview checklist and move towards the final decision

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U.S. Expansion

$ 1,250

Are you developing your business in the USA?
Is your expansion plan a moving target?

Let’s help you explore scenarios, then plan,
budget, and manage your U.S. expansion.

We act as a pathfinder, a planner, an advisor,
or even an outsourced expansion department.


  • Discovery: We deep dive into your company’s offering, business model, culture, and development plan for the USA
  • Diagnosis: We identify gaps in the plan, pending questions, upcoming challenges, and directions for structuring next moves
  • Customized Business Roadmap: You get a comprehensive plan that includes priorities, to-do lists, a timeline, and budget estimates
  • Field Recommendations: We cover every facet of your project: sales & marketing, HR, legal matters, tax, accounting, administration, etc.
  • Scenarios Comparison & Roadmap Adjustments: Our agile, interactive tools help you assess decisions’ impact and progress up to date
  • Sherpas Matching: We introduce you to the U.S. experts who fit your project at the exact time you need them
  • Knowledge Transfer: You get ongoing support from our team along with actionable, how-to guides to conduct proper implementation

Special Projects

$ Ask Us

Want a fresh, critical look at the plan
you built to complete it?

Need to discuss technicalities on topics
such as HR, tax, legal matters, etc.?

Already in the USA but need support
to structure your next growth phase?


  • If you consider expanding to the USA: we provide advisory services with the goal of saving you time, money, and energy
  • If you already have an expansion plan in hand: we make sure you covered every operational aspect (the devil is in the detail)
  • If you are already established in the USA: we regularly assist clients as they restructure their business (strategic marketing, financial planning, experts sourcing, project management)

The top 4 reasons to use TradeSherpa for doing business in the USA

Get the full picture, finally!

Your custom U.S. roadmap helps you connect the dots and get a clear vision from start to finish, with milestones, budget, timeline, and needed resources. You can thus make better-informed decisions.

Save time, money & energy:

Stop fishing for information in blurry waters, burning both cash and energy. We help you understand What to do, Why, with Whom, and When so that you can focus on planning and implementation.

Find the exact support you need:

You don’t use a sledgehammer to kill a fly. Conversely, you don’t catch a whale with a gnat. We make sure that your Sherpa Team is calibrated for your U.S. project and matches your company’s capabilities.

Enjoy TradeSherpa’s flexibility:

Changing plans? Need a new roadmap? Want introductions to new Sherpas? That’s perfectly fine! Our tools allow such flexibility and you are never alone – TradeSherpa will answer any question you may have.

How do we work with Sherpas?

Our solution is simple:

When you need a Sherpa, we put you in touch with the right Sherpa, the one who will understand your business, who has the skills to solve your problem, and who is experienced with companies like yours.

Sherpas are not our friends, and we don’t accept any sponsors. They’ve been tested and vetted through a rigorous process, and there is no bias when we introduce you to a Sherpa.

How do we make business out of it? We get revenue from service contracts signed between Sherpas and new clients (except for Sherpas in regulated professions).

All Sherpas are treated the same, meaning that we remain independent and free to refer you to the best Sherpa for your needs.

Click below to learn more about the process.

Working with sherpas

Safe payment options for international companies

Play safe throughout the process! Find out about online payments for purchasing a package below. TradeSherpa may also bill you for Sherpas’ services on their behalf, so we have a payment solution for that situation as well.

Online payment for Sherpa Matching and U.S. Expansion packages

All payments are processed by Authorize.Net. Authorize.Net, a subsidiary of Visa Inc., is a United States-based payment gateway, which provides the complex infrastructure and security necessary to ensure fast, reliable and secure transmission of transaction data. The PCI Compliance protects you against fraud, and you don’t have to bear the credit card processing fees.

Paying for Sherpas’ services (occasional, if Sherpas do not bill clients directly)

If you are looking for a convenient way to pay Sherpas, you can for instance use Transfermate. Transfermate, an Ireland-based company awarded by top companies, enables you to make automated international wire transfers using the internet, with better exchange rates and lower bank transfer fees than traditional wire transfer options. Sherpas bear the bank transfer fees.