Get the exact guidance you need for the USA

An actionable roadmap & Sherpas at your side


$ 0/mo

Seeking information?

Have a DIY approach or just want to test our solution?

No credit card required.


  • Company account at signup
  • Basic US Business Roadmap with action items and budget
  • Sherpa Team preview
  • US Toolbox: free contents
  • 1 edition of brief and roadmap


$ 59/mo*

Want more structure and support?

Need experienced Sherpas at your side?

IDEAL FOR export, entity creation, M&A, or just switch to new experts.

 * No annual commitment. You can cancel your subscription at any time, upgrade it, or continue enjoying it on a month-to-month basis.


  • Company account at signup and full platform access
  • Custom US Business Roadmap:
    action items, budget, timeline, and resources
  • Custom Sherpa Team:
    recommended experts at each step
  • Connect with Sherpas:
    compare, select, & send brief to experts
  • US Toolbox: unlock member contents
  • 1-hour free consultation with TradeSherpa
  • 2 editions of brief and roadmap

Sherpa Premium

$ 599/mo

Need white glove services?

Or have a new US team to manage?

IDEAL FOR a US flip or for US-based companies looking for an overhaul.


  • All “Expansion” features
  • 5 hours of consulting every month with TradeSherpa: 1-1 progress review of your US business roadmap and operational recommendations
  • 1-1 training & coaching from TradeSherpa: US specifics for legal, HR, tax, accounting, logistics, and sales & marketing
  • Hands-on coordination of Sherpas for seamless implementation
  • Unlimited editions of brief & roadmap to accomodate evolving plans and growth
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Additional services available upon request

The top 4 reasons to use TradeSherpa for doing business in the USA

Get the full picture, finally!

Your custom US roadmap helps you connect the dots and get a clear vision from start to finish, with milestones, budget, timeline, and needed resources. You can thus make better-informed decisions.

Save time, money & energy:

Stop fishing for information in blurry waters, burning both cash and energy. We help you understand What to do, Why, with Whom, and When so that you can focus on planning and implementation.

Find the exact support you need:

You don’t use a sledgehammer to kill a fly. Conversely, you don’t catch a whale with a gnat. We make sure that your Sherpa Team is calibrated for your US project and matches your company’s capabilities.

Enjoy TradeSherpa’s flexibility:

Changing plans? Need a new roadmap? Want introductions to new Sherpas? That’s perfectly fine! Our tools allow such flexibility and you are never alone – TradeSherpa will answer any question you may have.

How do we work with Sherpas?

Our solution is simple:

When you need a Sherpa, we put you in touch with the right Sherpa, the one who will understand your business, who has the skills to solve your problem, and who is experienced with companies like yours.

Sherpas are not our friends, and we don’t accept any sponsors. They’ve been tested and vetted through a rigorous process, and there is no bias when we introduce you to a Sherpa.

How do we make business out of it? We get revenue from service contracts signed between Sherpas and new clients (except for Sherpas in regulated professions).

All Sherpas are treated the same, meaning that we remain independent and free to refer you to the best Sherpa for your needs.

Click below to learn more about the process.

Working with sherpas

Safe payment options for international companies

Play safe throughout the process! Find out about online payments for purchasing a package below. TradeSherpa may also bill you for Sherpas’ services on their behalf, so we have a payment solution for that situation as well!

Online payment for Sherpa Matching and U.S. Expansion packages

All payments are processed by Authorize.Net. Authorize.Net, a subsidiary of Visa Inc., is a United States-based payment gateway, which provides the complex infrastructure and security necessary to ensure fast, reliable and secure transmission of transaction data. The PCI Compliance protects you against fraud, and you don’t have to bear the credit card processing fees.

Paying for Sherpas’ services (occasional, if Sherpas do not bill clients directly)

If you are looking for a convenient way to pay Sherpas, you can for instance use Transfermate. Transfermate, an Ireland-based company awarded by top companies, enables you to make automated international wire transfers using the internet, with better exchange rates and lower bank transfer fees than traditional wire transfer options. Sherpas bear the bank transfer fees.